How to Dye Barbie Doll Hair

Hello all my wonderful doll lovers! I’ve been scanning through Pinterest recently and I have been OBSESSED with the beautiful ombre hair and dip dyes people have been doing. They are just soooooooo pretty! This is one of my favorites:


I really wish I could do this to my hair, but sadly I’m a brunette and my parents wont let me šŸ˜¦ But you know who is a blonde and parents will let her dye her hair? BARBIE!!!!! So today I’ve been trying different methods to dye Barbie’s hair and I found a method that kinda worked. When I mean kinda I mean that it doesn’t stand out as much as the picture above. Well without furtherĀ ado lets get started!

IMG_0006This isĀ the Barbie I will be using today….

IMG_0007Her hair before.


First we need to prepare your Barbie. If she has her clothes on undress her from her clothes to prevent staining them.


Also brush your dolls hair thoroughly and make sure there are no tangles.

Now its time to prepare the dye!Ā This dye will stain clothing so make sure you are wearing old clothes and for younger kids have your parents permission and parental super vision before preparing the dye, it requires using the stove.


Start by boiling some water in a pan, kettle or whatever can heat up water. There isn’t any exact measurements for this step but make sure you have enough (you don’t want to have to boil more water if you don’t have enough).

IMG_0021Once the water has boiled pour it intoĀ aĀ disposableĀ cup or an old plastic cup you don’t mind ruining.

IMG_0022Next, pick out the color of food coloring youĀ want to make your dolls hair. I pickedĀ blue šŸ™‚


Add as many drops as you’d like until you get your desired color. If you are using a black cup like mine, you might need to take a spoon to see what color the water is. Once you put in the drops, stir it together.


Now for the fun part! Dying the hair! Put your dolls hair into the cup and let it sit for about 30 seconds to a minute. If you are dying all the hair, do not put the full head in the water, it will stain the plastic.


After it sits in the solution take your doll out and lay in on some napkins to dry. Let it dry for 2-3 hours or until completely dry.


And your done!





It is very light and I wouldn’t recommend doing the whole hair, maybe just small highlights or ombre like this. I also DO NOT recommend doing this on AG dolls or any other 18 inch dolls.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial šŸ™‚



Preform at your own risk


American Girl Truly Me Prices?

Hello all my wonderful people! I’ve got some amazing news to share with you! I saw an ad the other day at the bottom of a website that I was on, it was an American girl doll ad. There was pictures of the Truly me dolls with their prices and guess what…….. THE PRICE WENT DOWN!!!! Yup that’s right folks, they went from I believe $115.00 to $98.00! Of course that is not with the accessories but still, the price went down!

Aylas doll post demo

The “Truly Me” Prices went down but did anything else? No.

What can this mean though? American girl has been struggling a little bit after Mattel bought the company. Not as many people are buyingĀ American girl dollsĀ with all theĀ other knock off doll brands out thereĀ for WAY cheaper prices. Maybe they are going to discontinue Truly Me for good? Are they going to reduce the price of all the other dolls?

This is Halo Signing off.


WhatĀ do you think is happening to American Girl, and what do you think is going to happen in the future?

I am no way affiliated with American Girl or Mattel

Welcome to Daily Dolls


Hello everyone! It’s definitely an honor to be posting the very first post here on Daily Dolls! I am super pumped to be here today, so lets get down to business!


First off, I would like to welcome all of you lovely people to this blog! Without you guys there would be no Daily Dolls because you gave us the inspiration to start this blog šŸ˜€


I’d like to introduce myself……..


My name is Hazel Grace. I’m the author here at daily dolls *smirks*Ā  and I will be posting every single post on Daily dolls.


Ok, ok, I was lying about me being the author here at Daily Dolls. I’m just the co-author. My mom Halo is the founder of this blog along with tons of other blogs in which failed miserably, and decided it was time to re-create it…. again.


*Shakes head* It’s a shame that Halo cant keep a blog up and running.

Halo: Hey!

But with me, Hazel Grace, by her side we will be posting everyday šŸ˜€


Speaking of post, what will we be posting about here on Daily Dolls?

Ā *Brings out list and unrolls it* Well we will be posting about dolls, DIYs, sewing, news, photo shoots, photo stories, random things and misc.

A lot to choose from.


We will also be adding a Pinterest and YouTube account sometime in the future! So look out for that!


Well, that’s all for today šŸ™‚ I would like to thank you all for joining me today! And we wouldn’t be here with out you!


Catch ya later!