American Girl Truly Me Prices?

Hello all my wonderful people! I’ve got some amazing news to share with you! I saw an ad the other day at the bottom of a website that I was on, it was an American girl doll ad. There was pictures of the Truly me dolls with their prices and guess what…….. THE PRICE WENT DOWN!!!! Yup that’s right folks, they went from I believe $115.00 to $98.00! Of course that is not with the accessories but still, the price went down!

Aylas doll post demo

The “Truly Me” Prices went down but did anything else? No.

What can this mean though? American girl has been struggling a little bit after Mattel bought the company. Not as many people are buying American girl dolls with all the other knock off doll brands out there for WAY cheaper prices. Maybe they are going to discontinue Truly Me for good? Are they going to reduce the price of all the other dolls?

This is Halo Signing off.


What do you think is happening to American Girl, and what do you think is going to happen in the future?

I am no way affiliated with American Girl or Mattel

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