Welcome to Daily Dolls


Hello everyone! It’s definitely an honor to be posting the very first post here on Daily Dolls! I am super pumped to be here today, so lets get down to business!


First off, I would like to welcome all of you lovely people to this blog! Without you guys there would be no Daily Dolls because you gave us the inspiration to start this blog 😀


I’d like to introduce myself……..


My name is Hazel Grace. I’m the author here at daily dolls *smirks*  and I will be posting every single post on Daily dolls.


Ok, ok, I was lying about me being the author here at Daily Dolls. I’m just the co-author. My mom Halo is the founder of this blog along with tons of other blogs in which failed miserably, and decided it was time to re-create it…. again.


*Shakes head* It’s a shame that Halo cant keep a blog up and running.

Halo: Hey!

But with me, Hazel Grace, by her side we will be posting everyday 😀


Speaking of post, what will we be posting about here on Daily Dolls?

 *Brings out list and unrolls it* Well we will be posting about dolls, DIYs, sewing, news, photo shoots, photo stories, random things and misc.

A lot to choose from.


We will also be adding a Pinterest and YouTube account sometime in the future! So look out for that!


Well, that’s all for today 🙂 I would like to thank you all for joining me today! And we wouldn’t be here with out you!


Catch ya later!



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